The mind creates everything

The Mind Creates Everything

Feb 11, 2022

I want you to really get this. To truly hear and see this. The mind is creating everything in front of you – much like the physics scene in ‘Inception’, where people, streets, buildings, worlds are constructed in front of you. Let us explore and investigate this. 

There are layers to this word called mind. Let’s take the mind apart. The mind has 4 components: Ahamkara, Manas, Buddhi, and Citta.

Ahamkara is the part of the mind that identifies. For example, it identifies with a name, “I am Kiran”; it identifies with a nationality, “I am Canadian”; “I am an economist”, “I am hurt”, “I am afraid”, and so on. Once you take on these identifications and / or attachments you function from here, and you do not think beyond this. It is important to realize this. Identifications / attachments can be deconstructed and released through awareness and practice. 

Manas is the part of the mind that is conscious and / or perceiving – you are currently reading this. When an impression (memories, patterns, habits, behaviours, attitudes, dislikes / likes) is triggered by identification or Ahamkara, Manas continuously runs cycles of the impression. For example, the identification with “I am afraid” is triggered by a circumstance such as public speaking because of an impression of fear that you have accumulated or collected. In this identification, you cycle through thoughts in Manas which create emotions, a bridge to feelings / sensations in the body. It is important to make this connection. The body stores emotional energy creating blockages which in the long-term, cause diseases in the body. Manas attempts to mitigate from the external world through the senses. This perpetuates the cycle. The energy stored can be deconstructed and released through awareness and practice. 

Buddhi is the part of the mind that discerns and / or discriminates to allow choosing; it is the intellect. It functions from, and it is limited to the data you have accumulated and collected. It does not access anything beyond that. It is important to realize this. Access can be increased through awareness and practice. 

Citta is the part of the mind that is beyond memory and / or impressions, it is the source of infinite intelligence; it is consciousness. This is truly where creation begins. When you touch this dimension, life becomes magical. With awareness and practice, you can access this portal. 

In the human journey of awareness, Manas is run by consciousness. In unawareness, Manas is under the control of Ahamkara, and its identifications and impressions that have been collected and accumulated unconsciously. 

To sum it up: “You exist as an idea in your mind.” — Sunryu Suzuki

It’s ok if you are not receiving this. All expressions are valid in existence. It’s ONE, divine play. 

Let’s deconstruct together.


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