Ride the bicycle of life

Ride the Bicycle of Life Joyfully

Our thoughts, words, actions, KARMA, create our life experience. Thoughts in the mind are connected with emotions. Emotions are connected with feelings and sensations in the body. Emotions result in decisions and choices that create more thoughts, speech, actions. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, words, actions, create impressions, SAMSKARAS. We exist in cycles, SAMSARAS, of SAMSKARAS

To experience the desired results in life, we must consciously observe these cycles. By deconstructing current cycles and integrating conscious observation of experience, we realize the possibility of life experience.

This conscious observation of life experience is blissful nature of existence. It is SATCHITANANDA – your true state of being. It is MOKSHA, FREEDOM. By integrating SATCHITANANDA, one’s highest purpose, DHARMA, is revealed.

Integration of SATCHITANANDA, requires conviction, and consistent, intentional, attention (PURUSA), and energy (PRAKRITI), to trigger transformation, to calibrate consciousness, to increase awareness, to create conscious life experience, to find FREEDOM

A consistent, intentional, practice of KIND creates breakthroughs. Meditation, DHYANA, breath work, PRANAYAMA, MANTRA chanting, facilitate the SADHANA of KIND.

Through a consistent practice, SADHANA, a joyful, blissful, ride of life can be experienced. 


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