Kiran Shines

Journey documented

Jan 11, 2022

Early on, there were two questions: 

​“How are we here?” and Why do I feel this way?”

I am blessed to experience parents enriched by knowledge of physical and biological sciences, and eastern and western philosophies. They are educators, and the energy to teach and impart is alive in their presence. 

Coming into being with unconscious patterns created a shadowy experience not knowing, seeing, feeling, thoughts, emotions, senses. There were ‘a-ha’ moments, energetic bursts, and glimpses of light, and they were short-lived. 

Following the dominant paradigm, an academic career in the space of health care rooted in western standards and principles was observed. Decisions and solutions were delivered in private, public, and not for profit organizations. The portfolio reflects the desire to learn, grow, expand. 

The pursuit to calm the mind body complex intensified. The breakthrough happened at a conference where meditation was embodied for 6 to 8 hours a day for 10 days, between lectures on neuroscience and quantum physics. This catalyst shifted the dominant paradigm; causing the effect. 

There is clarity. The purpose to service the collective consciousness ignites and burns. The first and only step: to self-transform. 

From that time on, compilations of ancient times, discourses of mystics on awareness and consciousness, workshops, courses on mindfulness and yoga appear. This portal of awareness redirects the path to practice yoga asanas, meditation, breath work, and chanting. This awareness directs the path to share experiences, to write, to facilitate, to coach. 

When we are aware, we choose. When we choose, we find freedom; we find wisdom; we find love; we find TRUTH. I join millions of light workers around the globe to inspire the holistic approach to healing, and the cultivation of physical, mental, spiritual intelligence from a young age, by increasing awareness and expanding consciousness. 

My healing is your healing. Your healing is my healing. My transformation is your transformation. Your transformation is my transformation. 


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