My Friend Maya

My Friend Maya

The curiosity to breathe, be, bliss inspired and conspired to combine words. A dream was imagined, and the intention was created. Here and now, find books from the Consciousness for Children and their Parents series.

Sunny is a curious, little girl preoccupied with senses, thoughts, and emotions. She begins the heroine’s journey in ‘My Friend Maya’.

​Instead of gods and goddesses, sea monsters and cyclops; senses, feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories, words, meanings, concepts, maps, theories, body, mind, space, time, energy, attention, intention, are many forms and labels, Sunny encounters.

Sunny braves, seeking, exploring, discovering, being. Join Sunny in navigating inner-self. Join Sunny in cultivating inner-bliss! Read adventures, and tool, Sunny embodies, to deconstruct deep-rooted conditions and impressions, indoctrinated assumptions and beliefs. Sunny realizes explanation is finite. Sunny documents to share experiences.

Sunny journeys through ‘Karma and Dharma’ and ‘Swimming with Sadhana’.

Sunny, and I, welcome the reader to join the journey.


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