Critical Reviews, Karma and Dharma & Swimming with Sadhana

Karma and Dharma is brilliant in its simplicity, yet very thought provoking! The bright colors and nature scenes will delight many children and adults alike.  Highly recommended for those interested in how to cultivate the stage for mindfulness.  And if words must fill our minds, then Karma and Dharma in collaboration with Sunny offers us powerful, meaningful words to fill our minds and to redeem them every day. This is an investment we would be eternally grateful for. You will “be and bliss”.

Swimming with Sadhana – This last book in the consciousness trilogy from Kiran Shines is beautiful, elegant and told simply enough for any child to read with his/her parents. Kiran has fulfilled the noble task of showing the connection between body, mind and intellect (BMI).  This book is a real treat not only for the young mind but also for all adults. Her book is playful, delightful and easily enjoyable.  There is abundance of color, nature scenes and Sadhana, the dolphin whisperer. Kiran has provided us with the tools to put in our toolbox to fill our minds with positivism to last us our whole lives.  This book is stunning in its beauty and simplicity in dealing with complex ideas made easy.

Jiantee Jagessar, Retired Professor


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