Communal Tools to practice KIND

Jan 21, 2022

There are different tools / games to practice KIND communally. These are 2 tools / games that can be practiced with families, friends, colleagues, in any conscious gathering.

Harmony Huts

Harmony huts are safe, sacred circles, in families, of friends, of colleagues to create conscious, intentional, committed community and support. They offer opportunities to learn, grow, expand, and to share, teach, impart, by allowing members, healers, of the hut to be heard, to heal, to harmonize, by sharing, navigating, exploring, thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, words, actions. When huts are created with consistent, conscious, intentional commitment, community and support inherently arise, mindsets are empowered, healing and transformation happen.

Practice KIND when sitting in a harmony hut.

Heal Games

HEAL (Honour Experience Allow / Accept Love) games are guidance in language, to allow sharing, navigating, exploring, in a safe, fun, light, loving space and / or harmony hut. There is an opportunity here to witness, investigate, integrate language to create an observer effect and remove the person from the circumstance. When sharing thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, words, actions, use the following sentences:

‘I acknowledge these thoughts / words / actions’
‘This emotion / feeling / sensation arises’

Practice KIND when playing HEAL games when sitting in a harmony hut.


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