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“I AM whole, complete,

-Wisdom of the Masters & Mystics

Holistic Wisdom

Transform through a consistent, intentional journey. 

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About Kiran

Kiran Shines offers knowledge and guidance in a holistic wisdom to physical, mental, spiritual intelligence. Her journey commitments include Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, poetry, singing, dancing. She works with you to integrate SATCHITANANDA.

Her journey of self – transformation shines, and the highest purpose to service the collective consciousness is clear. This portal of awareness reflects MOKSHA, FREEDOM.

“Our thoughts, words, actions, KARMA, create our life experience. Thoughts in the mind are connected with emotions. Emotions are a bridge to feelings and / or sensations in the body. Emotions drive decisions that create more thoughts, speech, actions. Thoughts, words, actions, emotions, feelings, sensations create impressions, SAMSKARAS. We exist in cycles, SAMSARAS, of SAMSKARAS.

​To experience the desired results in life, we intentionally choose to consciously observe these cycles. By deconstructing current cycles and integrating conscious observation of experience, we realize the possibility of life.

Conscious observation of life results in MOKSHA, FREEDOM, our true state of being. This state of being is also known as SATCHITANANDA – TRUTH, CONSCIOUSNESS, BLISS. By integrating being, one’s highest purpose, DHARMA, is revealed.

I guide you to integrate the powerful, limitless being that you are, ATMAN / BRAHMAN. The byproduct is that you realize and fulfill your dreams in this divine playground called LILA, as you live fully in present moment awareness. There is no secret – it is the teaching of the ancients, the wisdom of the masters and the mystics.

As you journey, I work with you to integrate, calibrate being through a consistent, intentional practice, SADHANA. Thank you for being part of my journey.”

Kiran Shines

“We guide each other home. In the unveiling, enjoy, spread joy, be joy.”

In infinity, In eternity, In presence, I AM here, now.

In gratitude, In compassion, In love, I AM.

In confidence, I receive, I intuit, I ACT; freely, KINDLY, authentically.

I teach, I share, I impart; knowledge, wisdom, TRUTH. I learn I grow, I expand.

In mystery, In magic, In mysticism, I JOURNEY. It is a beautiful reflection.

I acknowledge, I ACCEPT, I ALLOW. I CREATE.

Experience Liberation, FREEDOM. 


Say HELLO to the New YOU!

My Story

When we are aware, we choose. When we choose, we find TRUTH.

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There are different tools to practice KIND communally.


My observations , experiences, reflections, insights, and much more!

What does a SADHANA of KIND look like?

practice KIND

In willingness,
in conviction,
in courage,
you arrive here.

​This TRUTH is available to everyONE. As you navigate and explore your inner – wisdom, transformation is revealed to you and realized by you, and you create the reality you desire, intentionally, consciously.

This is DIVINITY. This is MAGIC. Create a safe, sacred space to practice KIND.



Map current state.

Witness thoughts / emotions, speech, deeds. Witness feelings drive results.

 “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti 



Self – inquire.

Witness possibility to abide. Witness possibility to reconcile. Witness possibility to reframe.

“The inquiry “who am I” turns the mind introvert and makes it calm.” – Ramana Maharshi



Be equanimous. 

Be OK with, witness what arises in this moment.

“This is what enlightenment is all about – a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance – what else is there to do.” – Osho



Expand consciousness.

In awareness, in witness, be with what arises. 

“It is the person you imagine yourself to be that suffers, not you. Dissolve it in awareness. It is merely a bundle of memories and habits.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Journey documented

Early on, there were two questions:
​“How are we here?” and
Why do I feel this way?”

I am blessed to experience parents enriched by knowledge of physical and biological sciences, and eastern and western philosophies. They are educators, and the energy to teach and impart is alive in their presence.​​

Coming into being with unconscious patterns created a shadowy experience not knowing, seeing, feeling, thoughts, emotions, senses. There were ‘a-ha’ moments, energetic bursts, and glimpses of light, and they were short-lived.

Namaste, I am Kiran Shines

I am here to offer knowledge and guidance in shifting your view of life by unlocking your full potential and realizing the possibility!

I reveal to you the mental impressions that are scripting your experiences and are resulting in your life. In realizing this revelation,  you are triggered to transform! I teach you how to integrate a new view of life, to calibrate consciousness, find FREEDOM, and to create the reality that you desire in health, wealth, relationships; to create the extraordinary life that you deserve!

Going through my own healing and transformation, I am inspired to offer you gifts and services to support and guide you in your journey. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel the hurt, the fears, the doubts, the insecurities; to observe the destructive cycles, the mental manipulations, the unhealthy communications. I was drained, I had no energy, I felt defeated! I took a moment. I was the common denominator in all my experiences – what was I doing? I realized I needed to take responsibility and be accountable for my life, accept where I was, and be honest with myself. It was time to change the relationship with myself. I began my own journey of self – exploration and self – transformation. I chose ME. I spent the time doing the shadow work, accepting parts of myself, and getting clarity. I learned, I grew, I expanded. I began to see results in all areas of my life: health, wealth, relationships.

I now wish to educate, facilitate, and guide you on how to master and transform your relationship with yourself and as a result the byproduct is a shift in how you view your life. Discover the JOY WITHIN – realize the mechanics of the mind, integrate states of being, maximize energy systems.

I create programs, retreats, webinars, write books, offer 1-1 sessions, and go live on social media to support self – mastery and self – transformation. I can’t wait to support you! Embark on this adventure. Board the journey.



Kiran Shines is exactly as her name sounds = SHINES! Her light helped facilitate immense amounts of growth for my personal journey over the last 6 months. She was able to evoke curiosity within myself to understand how the way I felt inside was dictating the way I showed up in my everyday life. I am forever grateful for her stillness, calmness, and support that she held for me during our time spent together.”

SE, Michigan USA

Kiran is a beautiful leader and facilitator. She organized a group of likeminded people, was inclusive and helped my perspective shift to a more freeing context. Kiran is an amazing guide on your journey toward self-realization.

PP, Toronto CA

Kiran is a blessing to work with! The care, sincerity, and guidance she brings is simultaneously nourishing and expansive. Beyond the valuable practical feedback and ideas she offers, what you can really feel is her presence of care while engaging with her. I ALWAYS walk away better after a session with her.

BD, California USA

If you are looking for an amazing coach to help you through some of your biggest struggles, get in touch with Kiran. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, from breathwork to philosophy, that will support you on your journey and bring more freedom to your life. It has been such a pleasure attending Kiran’s sessions!

FV, New Jersey USA

From Fear to FREEDOM. CHOOSE YOU. Believe in YOU.  Invest in YOU.

In presence, In creation, I AM transformation. I AM SERVICE.

​I AM Yoga, I AM Vedanta, I AM Ayurveda.

I AM breath; I AM being; I AM bliss.

I AM facilitation. I AM guidance. I AM A LISTENING HEART.

I AM music; I AM melody. I AM dance; I AM rhythm.
I AM poetry. I AM physics.



Explore & Navigate

Request a free DISCOVERY call to connect on how working together can be of service to you. We will go through discovery questions, discuss approach and exchange.

Affirm & Envision

We dive deep into thoughts, language, actions, to map current state and get CLARITY on future state. We get clear on blocks and we discuss steps to dissolve them to achieve desired results.

Intent to & Attend to

You journey, and pay attention to a consistent, intentional PRACTICE to master self through integration of tools you are learning. I am here to support you along the path.

Realize & Cultivate

As you master self and transform, you release blocks, you recharge, you revive. You experience energy and flow. This AWARENESS leads to fulfillment and vitality in the experience of life.



“Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu